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Criminal Defense

Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorneys

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We handle the following criminal cases:
  • All summary, misdemeanor, and felony offenses, from rape, muder, robbery cases to retail theft and disorderly conduct cases
  • DUI and motor vehicle violations
  • Drug cases
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Forfeiture proceedings
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Crystle-Allen Law, LLC offers more than 50 years of experience in providing professional legal representation in criminal law cases.

We provide knowledgeable attorney services, which include vigorous negotiations with prosecutors as well as a thorough and relentless defense. Our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases before juries in cases ranging from DUI offenses to homicide.

People facing criminal charges are often facing the greatest battles of their lives. When you go into such a battle, you want to have people on your side who know both the battlefield and the opposition. The attorneys of Crystle-Allen Law, LLC have extensive trial experience in the courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, most particularly in Lancaster County, but also in Philadelphia, Chester, Cumberland, Bucks, Berks, Dauphin, Lebanon, and York Counties.

Even if you’re facing only a traffic ticket, it is important to know what the collateral consequences of a conviction may bring. Driver's license suspensions, points, and requirements for reinstatement are important considerations to take into account before pleading guilty to any offense. If you have been charged with a crime, contact us today at 717-393-0600 or by email at Se Habla Español.


How Do I Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney?

When faced with criminal charges, you want to have the right criminal defense attorney on your side. Experience is a requirement; you want someone who has a history of fighting for and successfully defending clients. Determination is also important; you are looking for someone who will negotiate, defend, and fight for you for the duration of the case. Finally, you want someone who cares for you and is committed to finding the best possible outcome for you.
At Crystle-Allen Law, LLC, we care about what happens. We have over 50 years of defending the accused facing a variety of criminal charges. From DUI to homicide charges, we have worked with hundreds of clients in pleading their case before the courts. If you have been charged with a crime, contact us today at 717-393-0600 to get the experienced team on your side. 

Is There a Fee to Consult With an Attorney About My Case?

No. At Crystle-Allen Law, LLC, we provide a free consultation. This can be done either by telephone or in person depending on the circumstances. We will review your case without any charge to you and advise you if we feel that we can represent you and pursue a case on your behalf.
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Past Results

Homicide Charges Successfully Defended

The client was charged with first-degree murder in a shooting on South Ann St. in Lancaster in 1999. The client was alleged to have fired from the ground floor of a building, behind some bushes, at several people fleeing the scene. The shots resulted in one fatality. The Court was persuaded to find the client not guilty through a strong argument that the defendant was never outside, never fired a shot, and was instead the victim of an assault.

Attempted Rape Charges Successfully Defended

The client was charged with rape and indecent assault from an incident alleged to have occurred in the bathroom of a bar. After a four-day jury trial, the client was acquitted of the rape charges and sentenced to probation for the indecent assault.

Burglary and Aggravated Assault Charges Successfully Defended

The client was charged with breaking into the home of another and assaulting the occupants with a hammer. After a four-day jury trial, he was found not guilty of those most serious charges by successfully arguing that he was, in fact, the victim of an assault and that the other parties had invited him into the home.

Aggravated Assault Against a Police Officer Successfully Defended

The client was charged with assaulting a police officer. After a three-day jury trial, the client was acquitted of the felony charges. The case involved the testimony of three different police officers and the client. Attorney Crystle was able to undermine the credibility of these officers by highlighting the inconsistencies in each officer’s version of events as well as inconsistencies between the three officers’ stories.

Successful Appeal – Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

The client had been convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison for drug crimes. Hired to take the appeal, Attorney Crystle successfully argued that the trial attorney had made errors so egregious that the client did not receive a constitutionally effective assistance of counsel – the conviction was reversed!

Motion to Suppress Granted

66 grams of cocaine suppressed as the fruit of an illegal search. Attorney Crystle successfully argued that the police, in the course of executing a search warrant, failed to comply with the rules of criminal procedure and the evidence was thrown out of court. The client’s charges were withdrawn by the Commonwealth.

Aggravated Indecent Assault Case Dismissed

The client had been charged with various serious felony sexual assault charges. Attorney Crystle successfully defended spurious procedural challenges made by the Commonwealth for 2½ years, in the Common Pleas Court, the Superior Court, and in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The result was a dismissal of all charges for the Commonwealth’s failure to comply with the speedy trial rule. Checkmate.

Motion to Suppress Granted

431 grams of cocaine and illegal firearms suppressed as Attorney Crystle successfully argued that the police stopped a car without any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity and that the ensuing encounter became an illegal detention. This is a recurring scenario as law enforcement becomes more aggressive in the war on drugs and seeks to erode the personal rights of the citizenry in the name of public safety. The Constitution won! Evidence suppressed, charges dismissed.

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